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scikit-nano 0.2.14

scikit-nano: python toolkit for nano-science.

Latest Version: 0.3.21

scikit-nano is a python toolkit for nano-science. Its primary utility is generating nano-structure data (i.e., atomic coordinates) for the following nano-structure materials:

  • Graphene:

    • Single layer graphene
    • bi-layer graphene with layers rotated relative to each other
    • \(N\)-layer graphene
  • Nanotubes:

    • Single-walled nanotubes (SWNTs)
    • SWNT bundles
    • Multi-walled nanotubes (MWNTs)
    • MWNT bundles

It currently supports saving structure data in the following formats:

  • xyz
  • LAMMPS data

Secondary to its structure generating functions are its structure analysis tools facilitated by its built-in abstract data structures for representing atoms including:

  • nearest-neighbor analysis

For documentation, visit: scikit-nano documentation

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scikit-nano-0.2.14.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-22 2MB