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scikit-tracker 0.2.1

Object detection and tracking for cell biology

scikit-tracker aims to be a robust Python library to work with cell biology microscopy images. OME XML and OME Tiff are supported to handle input/output to the lib. The two main goals of the library is to implement detection and tracking algorithms relevant to analyse biological microscopy dataset.

Several algorithms are featured and it is planned to add others:

  • Gaussian peak detection by deflation loop : Segr√© et al. Nature Methods (2008)
  • Cell boundary detection with bright field depth fitting : Julou, T., PNAS, (2013)
  • Cell nucleus segmentation : by Guillaume Gay
  • Lap Tracker, a robust single-particle tracking : K. Jaqaman and G. Danuser, Nature Methods, 2008. The version implemented in scikit-tracker is a slightly modified version from the original to allow easy, flexible and yet powerfull parameters adjustements with custom cost function.

For more details, please visit :

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scikit-tracker-0.2.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-24 2MB