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scikits.audiolab 0.8

A python module to make noise from numpy arrays

Latest Version: 0.11.0

audiolab is a small python package to import data from audio

files to numpy arrays and export data from numpy arrays to audio files. It uses libsndfile from Erik Castro de Lopo for the underlying IO, which supports many different audio formats:

For now, the python api for audio IO should be stable; a matlab-like API is also available for quick read/write (ala wavread, wavwrite, etc…). For 1.0 release, I hope to add support for simple read/write to soundcard, to be able to record and listen to data in numpy arrays.

2006-2007, David Cournapeau

LICENSE: audiolab is licensed under the LGPL, as is libsndfile itself. See COPYING.txt for details.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
scikits.audiolab-0.8.tar.gz (md5) Source 2008-11-25 38KB