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scpclient 0.5

scp client, for use with paramiko.

Latest Version: 0.7

A library that implements the client side of the scp (Secure Copy) protocol. It is designed to be used with paramiko (

Using paramiko

There are many ways to use paramiko. For the purposes of these examples, you want to obtain an authenticated SSHClient object:

import paramiko

ssh_client = paramiko.SSHClient()
ssh_client.connect(hostname, username=username, key_filename=key_filename, password=password)

Writing files

The scpclient.Write object is used to write files to an scp server. Its required parameters are a paramiko.SSHClient instance and a remote directory name. It has 2 methods: send_file and send. send_file takes a filename to send, send takes a file-like object, a remote filename, a mode, and a length. You may call send and send_file multiple times.


with closing(Write(ssh_client.get_transport(), '.')) as scp:
    scp.send_file('file.txt', True)
    scp.send_file('../../test.log', remote_filename='baz.log')

    s = StringIO('this is a test')
    scp.send(s, 'test', '0601', len(s.getvalue()))

Writing directories


with closing(WriteDir(ssh_client.get_transport(), 'subdir')) as scp:
    scp.send_dir('../../manuals', preserve_times=True, progress=progress)

Reading files


with closing(ReadDir(ssh_client.get_transport(), '.')) as scp:
    scp.receive_dir('foo', preserve_times=True)

Reading directories


with closing(Read(ssh_client.get_transport(), '.')) as scp:

Change log

0.5 2014-04-27 Eric V. Smith

  • Fixed issue #5, Not all files included in sdist.
  • Fixed issue #6, Rename bdist RPM to python-scpclient.
  • No code changes.

0.4 2012-11-28 Eric V. Smith

  • Fixed issue #2, Missing contextlib import. Thanks Olivier CARRERE.

0.3 2011-10-31 Eric V. Smith

  • Improved documentation, including how to create a paramiko connection.

0.2 2011-10-31 Eric V. Smith

  • Removed useless tests.
  • Fixed embarassing last minute typo which broke the code.
  • Included trivial examples in README.txt. Needs much work.
  • Forbid files that contain ‘..’ in the filename. This is an attempt to prevent path traversal. This approach is simplistic, but it’s a reasonable first step and gets the job done.

0.1 2011-10-31 Eric V. Smith

  • Initial release.
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