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scraperwiki_local 0.0.3

Local version of scraperwiki scraperlibs

Latest Version: 0.1.1

Local ScraperWiki Python Library
This library aims to be a drop-in replacement for the Python `scraperwiki` library
for use locally. That is, functions will work the same way, and data will go
into a local SQLite database; a targeted bombing of ScraperWiki's servers
will not stop this local library from working, unless you happen to be running
it on one of ScraperWiki's servers.

## Installing

This will soon be in PyPI, but for now you can just install from the git repository.

## Documentation

Read the standard ScraperWiki Python library's [documentation](
then look below for some quirks about the local version.

## Quirks

The local library aims to be a drop-in replacement.
In reality, the local version sometimes works better,
though not all of the features have been implemented.

## Differences

### Datastore differences

The local `scraperwiki.sqlite` is powered by
[DumpTruck](, so some things
work a bit differently.

Data is stored to a local sqlite database named `scraperwiki.sqlite`.

Bizarre table and column names are supported.

`scraperwiki.sqlite.execute` will return an empty list of keys on an
empty select statement result.

`scraperwiki.sqlite.attach` downloads the whole datastore from ScraperWiki,
So you might not want to use this too often on large databases.

### Other Differences

## Status of implementation
In general, features that have not been implemented raise a `NotImplementedError`.

### Datastore
`scraperwiki.sqlite` is missing the following features.

* All of the `verbose` keyword arguments (These control what is printed on the ScraperWiki code editor)

### Geo
The UK geocoding helpers (`scraperwiki.geo`) documented on have been implemented. They partially depend on being available.

### Utils
`scraperwiki.utils` is implemented, as well as the following functions.

* `scraperwiki.log`
* `scraperwiki.scrape`
* `scraperwiki.pdftoxml`
* `scraperwiki.swimport`

### Deprecated
These submodules are deprecated and thus will not be implemented.

* `scraperwiki.apiwrapper`
* `scraperwiki.datastore`
* `scraperwiki.jsqlite`
* `scraperwiki.metadata`
* `scraperwiki.newsql`

### Development

Run tests with `./runtests`; this small wrapper cleans up after itself.
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