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scrapy-feedexporter-sftp 1.0.4

Scrapy extension Feed Exporter Storage Backend to export items to an SFTP server

scrapy-feedexporter-sftp is a Scrapy Feed Exporter Storage Backend that allows you to export Scrapy items to an SFTP server.

Using scrapy-feedexporter-sftp

Add a FEED_STORAGES to your Scrapy settings:

FEED_STORAGES = {"sftp": "scrapy_feedexporter_sftp.SFTPFeedStorage"}

Define your FEED_URI in Scrapy settings:

FEED_URI = "sftp://user:password@some.server:/some/path/to/a/file"

Testing scrapy-feedexporter-sftp

Install an ssh server, create a user and run:

export FEEDTEST_SFTP_URI='sftp://user:password@localhost:/some/path/to/a/file'
export FEEDTEST_SFTP_PATH='/some/path/to/a/file'
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