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scrapy-heroku 0.7.1

Utilities for running scrapy on heroku

A package to assist with running scrapy on heroku. This is accomplished by providing a custom application configuration at that launches the scrapyd web service using the PORT environment variable and a multi-process work queue implemented on a Postgres database specified by the DATABASE_URL environment variable.


Create a git repo that has a scrapy project at the root (scrapy.cfg should be at the top level). Edit your scrapy.cfg to include the following:

application =

url = http://<YOUR_HEROKU_APP_NAME>
username = <A_USER_NAME>
password = <A_PASSWORD>

Add a requirements.txt file that includes scrapy-heroku in it. It is strongly recommended that you version pin scrapy-heroku as well as the version of scrapy that your project is developed against (pip freeze > requirements.txt). Finally create a Procfile that consists of:

web: scrapy server

Make sure you have a postgres database that has been promoted to DATABASE_URL

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
scrapy-heroku-0.7.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-11-20 5KB