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scrapy-multifeedexporter 0.1.0

Export scraped items of different types to multiple feeds.

Latest Version: 0.1.1


This `Scrapy <http:""/>`__ extension exports scraped items of
different types to multiple feeds. By default each item gets its own


.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install scrapy-multifeedexporter


You'll have to switch the default ``FeedExporter`` with
``MultiFeedExporter`` by adding the following lines to the
```` file of your spider:

.. code:: python

from multifeedexporter import MultiFeedExporter

'scrapy.contrib.feedexport.FeedExporter': None,
'multifeedexporter.MultiFeedExporter': 500,

# Automatically configure available item names from your module
MULTIFEEDEXPORTER_ITEMS = MultiFeedExporter.get_bot_items(BOT_NAME)


When calling ``scrapy crawl`` you need to use the ``%(item_name)s``
placeholder in the output file/URI name. The following calls to
``scrapy crawl`` demonstrate the placeholder:

.. code:: bash

$ scrapy crawl -o "spider_name_%(item_name)s.csv" -t csv spider_name
$ scrapy crawl -o "" -t csv spider_name

If you omit the placeholder, all items will be placed in one file.


scrapy-multifeedexporter is published under MIT license  
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