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scrooge 2.4.0

Pricing module for Ralph

Pricing module for Ralph

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The pricing module aggregates data from Ralph and from Ralph Assets to generate
reports showing the prices of the servers in inventory per their owners daily.

Change Log


* New devices report

* Devices ventures changes report

* New ceilometer report plugin logic and logging tweakups

* Fixed asset collect plugin (replacing to None)

* Ceilometer collect plugin bugfixes

* Added venture tree rebuild when venture plugin job is finished

* Fixed extra costs - add more than 5 rows (with dynamic adding)

* Fixed header in csv statement

* Improved gitignore and manifest

* When venture have no parent set venture parent as none


* Fixed report table header on scroll.

* Exception instan error in logging on report plugin run.

* Fixed raise exception 0/0 by team plugins.

* Added extra costs to report as separated column and service to total cost.

* Fixed saving device_id, sn and barcode

* Added monthly statement

* Added plugin to bill cloud 1.0 from ralph

* Fixed ventures daily usages header colspan


* nfdump get only ips from given network.

* Changed logging to logger in network plugin.

* Only usage types wtih is_manually_type flag are show in menu.

* Fixed calculating price. Massage incomplete_price was incorrect sometime.

* Fixed percent rounding for teams.

* Remove PLN from fields and add it to name of column.

* Average option for usages is now available.

* Fixed is_blade. Now it is truly boolean value.

* Added overwriting in push API.

* Added ventures daily usages report.

* Fixed usages columns width.


* Fixed nfdump_str, executed command on remote server.

* Added console statistics


* Upgrade ceilometer collect plugins.

* Added ceilometer report plugin.

* Fixed overwriting configuration by pluggableaps.

* Fixed logging from collect plugins. Now, when venture does not exist log warning.

* Upgrade inserting teams usages. Added total prcent information and button to dynamically add more rows.

* Plugins indentify usages only by symbols. Name and more options are set as defaults.

* Added multiple ventures option for single virtual server usages. settings.VIRTUAL_VENTURE_NAMES must be dict where key is name of groub and value is list of ventures.

* Network cost is by providers.

* Remove teams count table and added count to usage price table.


* Displayed name changed from Ralph Pricing to Scrooge.

* Added service model and plugin for billing service depending on it's usage types, base usage types and dependent services.

* Change report plugins architecture (change from function to classes, create plugin for base usages (eg. power consumption) and dedicated plugin for depreciation).

* Added teams billing. Teams could be billed in 4 models: by time, by devices count, by devices and cores count or by cost distribution between other teams depending on other teams members count.

* Modified collects virtual plugin for getting usages for more than one virtual systems.

* Created plugin for colleting internet usages per IP address (using nfsen).

* Added height of device usage.

* Removed old AllVentures report and warehouse option from report.

* PUSH API for usages of service resources by ventures.

* New white theme.


* Added scrooge logger sentry


* Changes in the architecture. Generate report from plugins for each usage

* Create few plugins for each usage

* Distinguish two groups of plugins, reports and collections

* Rebuild generate reports view and add it as beta venture view

* New report contains separated columns for warehouses for one report

* Increased efficiency of report generation

* Fix splunk plugin

* Used pluggableapps for scrooge config

* Added more logs from logger

* Added separated logger for scrooge

* Openstack ceilometer plugin

* When usage is per warehouse then warehouse must be chosen

* Fix datepicker on report subpage

* Added flag to hide/show usages on report

* Remove TopVenture subpage


* If assets plugin cannot find device by asset_id then try get device by sn


* Changes in the architecture. Now devices are taken by asset plugin from assets

* Remove device and cores plugin (This this is a role of asset plugin)

* DailyUsage contains warehouse field

* Added version of usage type price based on cost

* Added price or cost per warehouse

* Now venture reports are generated per warehouse (only colums with flag by_warehouse are different between reports)

* Added forecast prices and costs and possibility to generate forecast reports

* Added cost to price converter used by 'get_assets_count_price_cost' method

Released on December 11, 2013

* F5 devices billing added.

Released on November 03, 2013

* Added search boxes, filters and additional columns in admin.
* Fixed corner-case bug related to calculation of bladesystems costs.


Released on August 08, 2013

* Added "show only active" option in the reports
* Added short descriptions to reports templates
* Fixed assets plugin - IntegrityError protection, added new tests
* Show extra costs in the extra costs types admin


* initial release  
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