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scrum-tools 0.1.0

A set of CLI tools for batch management of Scrum infrastructure (GitHub, Trello).

Latest Version: 0.1.1


A set of tools for batch management of Scrum infrastructure.

Provides simple wrappers for mass management of:

* code repositories on [Github](;
* boards and cards on [Trello](


Using [PIP](

``` bash
pip install git+git://


Create a config file named `.scrum-settings.conf` in your `$HOME` folder. Here is a sample config file that you can use as a start:

users_file = /path/to/users.csv
users_file_skip_first = true
users_file_delimiter = ;
users_file_escape_char =
users_schema = Username;Name;Surname;E-Mail;Group;Github;Trello
users_schema_key_id = Username
users_schema_key_group = Group
users_schema_key_github = Github
users_schema_key_trello = Trello

auth_id =
auth_token =
organization = TU-Berlin-DIMA
team_admins = IMPRO-3.SS14.Admins
team_admins_group = 0
team_users = IMPRO-3.SS14.Users
team_pattern = IMPRO-3.SS14.G%02d
repo_admins = IMPRO-3.SS14.Admins
repo_users = IMPRO-3.SS14
repo_pattern = IMPRO-3.SS14.G%02d

auth_key = 8cfa18b4d674cba889c466680f4d06d7
auth_token =
organization = impro3ss14
board_admins = IMPRO-3.SS14.Admins
board_pattern = IMPRO-3.SS14.G%02d
board_admins_group = 0
board_lists = Product Backlog;To Do;Doing;Done

You gen then get the list of the available commans like this:

$ scrum-tools

In order to get access to the GitHub and Trello APIs, you need to authorize the `scrum-tools` app as an API client. Type

$ scrum-tools github authorize
$ scrum-tools github authorize

and update the `auth_*` parameters under the `[github]` and `[trello]` sections in your `.scrum-settings.conf` file accordingly.

Before issuing batch-management commands, you may want to validate the account names provided in your `users_file`:

$ scrum-tools github validate-users
$ scrum-tools github validate-users

You can create the corresponding project structure with the following commands:

$ # for Github
$ scrum-tools github create-teams # creates group, users and admin teams
$ scrum-tools github create-repos # creates group, users and admin repos
$ # for Trello
$ scrum-tools trello create-boards # creates group boards

You can also create a Trello card accross all Trello boards like that:

$ scrum-tools trello create-card \
> --card-list="Backlog"
> --card-name="Initialize your project!"
> --card-description="Create and push an initial project structure at GitHub!"
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