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Directory of upcoming Events.

Latest Version: 1.1 builds on seantis.dir.base, adding information about upcoming events.

seantis.dir.base allows to put dexterity objects into 1-4 categories, showing those categories in a browsable and searchable catalog. To learn more about seantis.dir.base visit

Dependencies relies on Plone 4.3+ with dexterity and seantis.dir.base.

python-magic is used to identify the type of uploaded files which requires the 'libmagic' library.


  1. Use Plone 4.3 or newer
extends =
  1. Add the module to your instance eggs
eggs +=
  1. Ensure that the i18n files are compiled by adding
environment-vars =
    zope_i18n_compile_mo_files true
  1. Install dexterity and using portal_quickinstaller

Build Status

Build Status


Project Coverage

Latests PyPI Release

Latest PyPI Release

License is released under GPL v2


  • Denis Krienbühl [href]
  • Tobias Reinhard [treinhard]
  • Marc Sommerhalder [msom]



  • Stops event reindexing from running more than once per transaction. [href]
  • Makes event reindexing threadsafe. [href]


  • Fixes ical export error [href]
  • Fixes typos in add event form [msom]
  • Fixes date formating with superfluous point [msom]
  • Upgrade to seantis.dir.base 1.7 [msom]


  • Bind event reindexing directly to the transaction
  • Fixes errors when using 1.0rc2


  • It is now easier to enter common events like events which happen on a single day, or events which happen on different days.
  • All-day events in different timezones than the server no longer lead to crashes in the middle of the night
  • Events are no longer shown on the wrong day
  • Single events are no longer shown twice
  • Deleting an event (as opposed to denying it's publication) no longer results in a corrupt event index.
  • Event submission now works in IE7/IE8 on Windows XP


  • Initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2013-12-04 87KB
  • Downloads (All Versions):
  • 12 downloads in the last day
  • 117 downloads in the last week
  • 1031 downloads in the last month