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second_hand_songs_wrapper 0.2.0-

An API wrapper for second hand song db

Latest Version: 0.2.3

#Markdown Tags

A small library for writing markdown with a tree structure of python objects that you can transform into a
markdown snippet(string).

I started it by extracting some code I wrote for a reddit bot.

It was partially inspired by looking at the ScalaTags examples(although not using it).

ex. 2 Paragraphs, 1 in Italic the other in Bold.

import markdown_tags as m

tags = m.MD(m.Paragraph(m.Italic("Italian")), m.Paragraph(m.Bold("Boring, Portland")))
markdown_str = tags.tags_to_markdown(recover=False, format_md=m.MarkdownFormats.reddit)

*returns a markdown string that will render as:*


**Boring, Portland**'

ex. of a nested list or a list with multi paragraph items.

import markdown_tags as m

tags = m.MD(m.UnorderedList.with_title("Maslow's hierarchy of needs partial outline",
m.UnorderedList.with_title("Physiological needs",
m.UnorderedList.with_title("Safety needs",
"Personal security",
"Financial security",
"Health and well-being",
"Safety net against accidents/illness " +
"and their adverse impacts"),
"Love and belonging",

*returns a markdown string that will render as:*

Maslow's hierarchy of needs partial outline

+ Needs

1. Physiological needs

+ Air

+ Water

2. Safety needs

+ Personal security

+ Financial security

+ Health and well-being

+ Safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts

3. Love and belonging

4. Esteem

5. Self-actualization

+ Research

+ Criticism

*note that the discount markdown implementation used by reddit seems to translate this to html fine but it shows up
a little strange with outer unordered list w/ the same indentation as inner ordered list on reddit.*

Tested with the discount markdown implementation used by reddit.
I might look into testing with other markdown implementations later.