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secpass 0.4.0

Secure Passwords

The SecPass suite of programs, tools, and protocols is designed to allow fairly easy creation, distribution, rotation, and management of very secure passwords in the most secure manner possible, without compromising ease-of-use too much.

Please note that the secpass library only provides low-level drivers and command-line tools. If you are interested in a more user-friendly interface, please try the SecPass-GUI package.


2014/04/18: The SecPass package is currently under active development, i.e. it is not ready for use. Unless you like living on the edge, of course. So, until further notice, SecPass is explicitly in “beta” (at best), functionally incomplete, but can do some things at times reliably. You should only use it if you make lots of backups and don’t mind losing data. Cheers!



$ pip install secpass
$ secpass --help


TODO: add docs

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secpass-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-18 57KB