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seesaw 0.2

ArchiveTeam seesaw kit

Latest Version: 0.9.4

Seesaw toolkit

An asynchronous toolkit for distributed web processing. Written in Python and named after its behavior, it supports concurrent downloads, uploads, etc.

This toolkit is well-known for [Archive Team projects]( It also powers the [Archive Team warrior](

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Requires Python 2.6 or 2.7. Python 3 is not yet supported.

Needs the Tornado library for event-driven I/O. The complete list of Python modules needed are listed in requirements.txt.

How to try it out

To run the example pipeline:

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
./run-pipeline --help
./run-pipeline examples/ someone

Point your browser to ``.


General idea: a set of `Task`s that can be combined into a `Pipeline` that processes `Item`s:

* An `Item` is a thing that needs to be downloaded (a user, for example). It has properties that are filled by the `Task`s.
* A `Task` is a step in the download process: it takes an item, does something with it and passes it on. Example Tasks: getting an item name from the tracker, running a download script, rsyncing the result, notifying the tracker that it's done.
* A `Pipeline` represents a sequence of `Task`s. To make a seesaw script for a new project you'd specify a new `Pipeline`.

A `Task` can work on multiple `Item`s at a time (e.g., multiple Wget downloads). The concurrency can be limited by wrapping the task in a `LimitConcurrency` `Task`: this will queue the items and run them one-by-one (e.g., a single Rsync upload).

The `Pipeline` needs to be fed empty `Item` objects; by controlling the number of active `Item`s you can limit the number of items. (For example, add a new item each time an item leaves the pipeline.)

With the `ItemValue`, `ItemInterpolation` and `ConfigValue` classes it is possible to pass item-specific arguments to the `Task` objects. The value of these objects will be re-evaluated for each item. Examples: a path name that depends on the item name, a configurable bandwidth limit, the number of concurrent downloads.

Consult [the wiki]( for more information.  
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