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seinfeld 1.0.1

Query a Seinfeld quote database

Python library for querying Seinfeld quotes.

Depends on a database generated using scripts by Colin Pollick.


libseinfeld is compatible with Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+. You can install it from PyPI with the following command:

$ pip install seinfeld

libseinfeld requires a local copy of the Seinfeld quote database. You can build it by following the instructions on the seinfeld-scripts repo, or you can download a prebuilt copy with the following command:

$ wget


First thing is to import libseinfeld and create a connection to the local database:

>>> from seinfeld import Seinfeld
>>> seinfeld = Seinfeld(<path to seinfeld.db>)

To get information on individual episodes or seasons:

>>> seinfeld.season(1).episodes.keys()
[1, 2, 3, 4]

>>> seinfeld.season(1).episodes[1].title
u'Good News, Bad News'

>>> seinfeld.season(1).episodes[1].writers[0]
u'Jerry Seinfeld'

>>> seinfeld.season(1).episodes[1].date, 6, 14)

Quotes can be retrieved by unique ID:

>>> quote = seinfeld.quote(34665)
>>> quote.text
u'The show is about nothing.'


>>> quote.episode.title
u'The Pitch'

Searching for quotes is simple:

>>>'Jerry', subject='keys')
[Quote(...), ...]

Searches are limited to ten quotes by default, but you can get more or less. To get all the quotes, in order, for a given episode:

>>> episode = seinfeld.season(1).episodes[1]
>>> quotes =, limit=None)
>>> len(quotes)

You can even get random quotes by search query:

>>> seinfeld.random(speaker='George')

If you’d like context around an individual quote, you can get a passage:

>>> passage = seinfeld.passage(quote)
>>> len(passage.quotes)


Copyright 2016 John Reese, and licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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