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selenic 0.1.2

Some selenium infrastructure for testing.

Latest Version: 0.11.0

Selenic is a collection of Python code which is used for testing browser-based software through Selenium. It is tailored for the projects at Mangalam Research.

If you want to run tests in Chrome, you only need chromedriver. Chromedriver is here. The documentation for its use is here.

Please look at the examples in examples and read the source code to know how this all works.

Selenium Issues

Native Events

It is very often the case that tests which work with native events fail when using synthetic events. Keep this in mind.


  • Selenium 2.35.0: ActionChains.send_keys is broken. Selenic patches ActionChains to fix this problem.
  • Selenium 2.35.0: It is impossible to know whether a Firefox instance is able to handle native events or not. Firefox 22 with 2.35.0 is known to handle native events.

Debugging the Firefox Driver

  1. Download the version of Selenium that corresponds to whatever API you are using.

  2. Unzip.

  3. Edit javascript/firefox-driver/build.desc to eliminate the platform binaries you do not need. These look like paths of the form platform/Linux.... Some are for Windows. (This saves a huge amount of build time and space).

  4. Issue:

    $ bash ./go //javascript/firefox-driver:webdriver
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