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A Simple Environment Monitor System

#Simple Environment Monitor System

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## Installation

Directly from [PyPI](

pip install sems

Using pip but from source

pip install git+

or clone from the source (for the brave):

git clone cd simple-environment-monitor-system python install

## Usage

For installation using pip (PyPI or source)


For installation from the source, go to the source project path and run


## Settings

To change settings use variables of environments. The settings avaibles are:

Variable Name | Description | Default Value |
—————- | ——————————————————————————– | ———————— |
SEMS_DATABASE | Complete path to file used like database. | <current_path>/db.json |
SEMS_SERVER_PORT | Port number where the server responds. | 8888 |
SEMS_LOG_LEVEL | Log Level for application. Avaliable values are INFO, DEBUG, ERROR or CRITICAL. | INFO |
SEMS_LOG_PATH | Path to log files. | <current_path>/log |
SEMS_DEBUG | Run tornado application in debug mode. To enable uses True as value. | False |


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