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sequana 0.6.4

A set of standalone application and pipelines dedicated to NGS (new generation sequencing) analysis

Python version:

3.5 (and 2.7 without snakemake)

Online documentation:

On readthedocs

Issues and bug reports:

On github

How to cite:

For Sequana in general including the pipelines, please use the JOSS DOI (10.21105/joss.00352)

For the genome coverage tool (sequana_coverage): Dimitri Desvillechabrol, Christiane Bouchier, Sean Kennedy, Thomas Cokelaer

For Sequanix: Dimitri Desvillechabrol, Rachel Legendre, Claire Rioualen, Christiane Bouchier, Jacques van Helden, Sean Kennedy, Thomas Cokelaer. Sequanix: A Dynamic Graphical Interface for Snakemake Workflows Bioinformatics, bty034, Also available on bioRxiv (DOI:

Sequana includes a set of pipelines related to NGS (new generation sequencing) including quality control, variant calling, coverage, taxonomy, transcriptomics. We also ship Sequanix, a graphical user interface for Snakemake pipelines.

Please see the documentation for an up-to-date status and documentation.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
sequana-0.6.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-01-30 12MB