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serial2tcp 0.5

Convert serial device to tcp socket.

Latest Version: 0.5.1


You can install from pip:

# pip install serial2tcp

or manual:

git clone git:// cd serial2tcp python install

Redirect USB-Serial

For redirect /dev/ttyUSB0 with baudrate 9600 bps and can connect to that:

# serial2tcp -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 9600 -l –allow-list=‘’


Usage: serial2tcp [options]

Simple Serial to Network (TCP/IP) redirector.

WARNING: You have to allow connections only from the addresses in the “–allow-list” option. e.g. –allow-list=‘,,’ NOTICE: This service supports only one tcp connection per instance.

<kbd>--version</kbd> show program’s version number and exit
<kbd>-h, --help</kbd> show this help message and exit
<kbd>-p <var>SERIAL</var>, --port=<var>SERIAL</var></kbd>
 Serial port, a number, defualt = ‘/dev/tty0’
<kbd>-b <var>BAUDRATE</var>, --baud=<var>BAUDRATE</var></kbd>
 Baudrate, default 115200
<kbd>-r, --rtscts</kbd> Enable RTS/CTS flow control (default off)
<kbd>-x, --xonxoff</kbd> Enable software flow control (default off)
<kbd>-P <var>PORT</var>, --localport=<var>PORT</var></kbd>
 TCP/IP port on which to run the server (default 9100)
<kbd>-l <var>LISTEN</var>, --listen=<var>LISTEN</var></kbd>
 Listen address on which to run the server (default ‘’)
 List of IP addresses e.g ‘,’

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