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setuptools_pyflakes 1.1.0

setuptools plugin for pyflakes


This is a plugin for setuptools that integrates pyflakes. Once installed, “python flakes” will run pyflakes on all of the modules in your project.


With easy_install:

easy_install setuptools_pyflakes

Alternative manual installation:

tar -zxvf setuptools_pyflakes-X.Y.Z.tar.gz cd setuptools_pyflakes-X.Y.Z python install

Where X.Y.Z is a version number.


To use this plugin, you must first package your python module with and use setuptools. The former is well documented in the distutils manual:

To use setuptools instead of distutils, just edit and change

from distutils.core import setup


from setuptools import setup

Then, if this plugin is installed, “python flakes” will work.

Automatically installing setuptools_pyflakes

You can make sure that anyone who uses your, and who invokes “python flakes”, automatically gets this plugin installed, by adding a setup_requires argument.:

# setuptools_pyflakes is required to make "python flakes" work.
if 'flakes' in sys.argv[1:]:

  setup_requires = setup_requires,


How to distribute Python modules with Distutils:

Setuptools documentation:

Thanks to Yannick Gingras for providing the prototype for this README.rst.

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