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setuptools_trial 0.6.0

Setuptools plugin that makes unit tests execute with trial instead of pyunit.


This is a plugin for setuptools that integrates Twisted trial. Once installed, “python ./ trial” will run the package’s unit tests using Twisted trial. The package can also optionally be configured so that “python ./ test” will use Twisted trial instead of pyunit a.k.a. unittest.


With pip:

pip install setuptools_trial

or with easy_install:

easy_install setuptools_trial

Alternative manual installation:

tar -zxvf setuptools_trial-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
cd setuptools_trial-X.Y.Z
python install

Where X.Y.Z is a version number.

Alternative to make a specific package use setuptools_trial without installing setuptools_trial into the system:

Put setup_requires=['setuptools_trial'] in the call to setup() in the package’s file.


Once setuptools_trial is installed (either into the system or just for the current package), then python ./ trial will run trial on the package.

You can then make python ./ test use trial instead of pyunit (unittest) by adding the following stanza to your project’s setup.cfg:

test = trial

See also the output of python ./ trial --help for usage options.


To learn more about Python modules packaging visit

Thanks to Yannick Gingras for providing the prototype for this README.rst.

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