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sfctl 4.0.0

Azure Service Fabric command line

Service Fabric CLI

A command line interface for interacting with Azure Service Fabric clusters and their related entities.


To get started, after installation run the following:

sfctl -h

Change Log


  • Update to 6.1 Service Fabric runtime (#64)
  • Property command group added
  • Added support for external stores when calling application provision
  • Provision and unprovision now support no wait return flags
  • Application list related commands now support an optional argument to limit the number of results
  • Deployed application info can now optionally include health states
  • Numerous documentation improvements and corrections
  • ChaosContext (context) and ChaosTargetFilter (chaos-target-filter) arguments are added to Chaos start command (#62)
  • Add test structure to verify correct HTTP request generation
  • Update provision application type command to match the latest Service Fabric runtime, now a custom command
  • Add command to get container logs deployed on node


  • Rename compose deployment creation and upgrade progress commands to accept ‘deployment-name’ as identifier (#44)
  • Fix incorrect parsing error when updating service description load metrics (#47)
  • Fix incorrect application upgrade argument names (#37)


  • Update to official 6.0 Service Fabric SDK
  • Report cluster health command added
  • Report health commands now have an immediate argument to tell the Fabric gateway to send the report immediately
  • Get cluster configuration and upgrade configuration for stand alone clusters commands added
  • Added start and update cluster upgrade commands
  • Start node command removed (use enable node)
  • Stop node command removed (use disable node)
  • Added information about new Fabric name hierarchical delimiter (~)
  • Health commands now include statistics, can be optionally removed
  • Limited set of repair manager commands added
  • Infrastructure service commands no longer accept a callback function
  • Docker compose commands have had arguments renamed to reflect Service Fabric API changes
  • Added support to upgrade Docker compose deployments


  • Updating to Service Fabric 6.0 SDK release candidate
  • Added support and testing for Python 3.5, for ease of install on Ubuntu
  • Fixing number parsing in command arguments
  • Moving to different versions of pyopenssl and msrest
  • Improvement in application upload stability and performance
  • Add support for file share upload based on image store connection string


  • Added support for authenticating to clusters with AAD (#10)
  • Improved application upload performance (#11)


  • Fixed missing helps module.


  • Initial release.
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