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sh-utils 0.9

some commands to simplify various things


Some commands to simplify various things.

  • pm - move p to p’
  • cpm - copy p to p’
  • upm - undo p to p’
  • sw - swap two paths
  • pt - pivot file over a command
  • pts - pivot file over a command (stdin)

These commands simplify some common tasks in a shell.

For example, it’s often helpful to copy a file to a backup.

jason@io ~ cp foo foo\'

Instead, the cpm command is a bit more flexible and less to type.

jason@io ~ cpm foo

The pm commands, in general, can also be used en masse.

jason@io ~ cpm *

Another common pattern is running a command on a file and replacing it with the output, which pt supports.

jason@io ~ pt sort foo

The pts command is also similar to pt, but allows for some more complex combinations.

jason@io ~ pts sh -c "sort | awk '{ print \$1, \$2 * \$2 }'" foo

Any issues or bug reports, please use the github issue tracker. Pull requests and patches are also welcome.


Some useful aliases to avoid prompts and change the default suffix.

alias pm="pm -f -s .old"
alias cpm="cpm -f -s .old"
alias upm="upm -f -s .old"



pip install sh-utils

From source

python install


0.9 (Feb, 2016)

  • first release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
sh-utils-0.9.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-02-02 4KB