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shed_sh 1.0.0

Don't run "curl | sh" again. Use "curl | shed" to verify scripts before running.

shed - the sh editor

Don’t run curl | sh again. Use curl | shed to verify scripts before running.


Replace sh with shed in any pipe-sh commands you run. shed will:

  • save the piped script to a temp file
  • open the temp file in $SHED_EDITOR or $EDITOR to let you view and modify the script
  • ask you if you still want to run the script, preserving any changes you made


This is a Python 3 script, so use pip3 to install:

pip3 install shed_sh

Note the spelling: shed_sh is different from shed.

After this, run shed or bashed from your terminal to verify it’s installed properly.


Piping to sh

Take your questionable curl-pipe-sh or wget-pipe-sh command

curl -L | sh
wget -qO- | sh

and use shed to view and edit your script before running it:

curl -L | shed
wget -qO- | shed

Piping to bash

bashed protects your bash shell, too: take this unknown script

wget -q -O - | bash

and verify the contents before running:

wget -q -O - | bashed


Set your preferred editor:

export SHED_EDITOR=vim

shed also checks $EDITOR, then falls back to nano, vim, vi, and emacs in order.


Bug reports, fixes, or features? Feel free to open an issue or pull request any time. You can also tweet me at [@mplewis]( or email me at


Copyright (c) 2014 Matthew Lewis. Licensed under the MIT License.

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