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shellstreaming 0.1.0

A stream processor working with shell commands

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.1.1

A stream processor working with shell commands


$ pip install virtualenv shellstreaming
$ cp config/sample-shellstreaming.cnf ~/.shellstreaming.cnf
$ vim ~/.shellstreaming.cnf

Run examples

$ git clone
$ cd shellstreaming
$ shellstreaming example/

API reference

Sphinx-powered documents are available on

For developers

Building and uploading documents

$ ./ build_sphinx
$ browser doc/html/index.html
$ ./ upload_sphinx


$ ./ nosetests
$ browser htmlcov/index.html  # check coverage

Some tests depend too much on personal configuration; one needs Twitter OAuth info and another needs access to remote machine via ssh. To enable all of these tests, comment out the line starts with ignore-files in setup.cfg and run nosetests again.

Uploading packages to PyPI

$ emacs   # edit `version` string
$ emacs CHANGES.txt
$ ./ sdist upload

Or use zest.releaser, a convenient tool for repeated release cycles.


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