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show 1.0.2

Debug print statements, done right. E.g. show(x)

Latest Version: 1.6.0

Simple, effective debug printing.

Logging, assertions, unit tests, and interactive debuggers are all great development tools. But sometimes you just need to print values as a program runs to see what’s going on. Every language has features to print text, but they’re not really customized for printing debugging information. show is. It provides a simple, DRY mechanism to “show what’s going on.”


from show import show

x = 12
nums = list(range(4))

show(x, nums)


x: 12  nums: [0, 1, 2, 3]

Debug Printing

Sometimes programs print so that users can see things, and sometimes they print so that develpopers can. show() is for developers, helping rapidly print the current state of variables. It replaces require the craptastic repetitiveness of:

print "x: {0}".format(x)



If you’d like to see where the data is being produced,:


will turn on location reporting. This can also be set on call-by-call basis.

For this and much more, see the full documentation at Read the Docs.

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