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sieve 0.1.9

XML Comparison Utils

Ripped from FormEncode and strainer just to support Pythons 2 and 3. Intended for use in your webapp test suites.

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For Example

There are two main functions you might care to use: eq_xml and in_xml:

>>> from sieve.operators import eq_xml, in_xml
>>> a = "<foo><bar>Value</bar></foo>"
>>> b = """
... <foo>
...     <bar>
...         Value
...     </bar>
... </foo>
... """
>>> eq_xml(a, b)
>>> c = "<html><body><foo><bar>Value</bar></foo></body></html"
>>> in_xml(a, c)  # 'needle' in a 'haystack'

There are also two sibling convenience functions: assert_eq_xml and assert_in_xml.

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sieve-0.1.9.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2013-09-11 5KB