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silva.core.editor 3.0.3

Support for the WYSIWYG editor CKEditor in the Silva CMS


Support to edit rich text using CKEditor within Silva 3.

Code repository

You can find the source for this extension in Git:


3.0.3 (2013/12/19)

  • Make possible to configure the settings in SMI.
  • Remove link target attribute if they are empty.
  • Add support to determine the size of the text.
  • Update interface used to lookup images, to support Silva Ghost Asset as possible images.
  • Improve tests.

3.0.2 (2013/10/09)

  • Extend text API: introduction can be truncated to a given of words in addition to a number of letters. Support changing the level of titles (like h1 are converted to h2 and so on).
  • Add a CKEditor plugin to style tables.
  • Improve selection of Silva block elements in CKEditor.
  • Add support for various flavor of broken links, like invalid external URL.
  • Add a per-tag HTML sanitizer for more control on the edition process. An upgrade is required for it to work.

3.0.1 (2013/05/24)

  • Fix xml import and export to work with multiple block of text in the same content.
  • Update javascript for jQuery 1.9.
  • Don't include the Silva save plugin when the editor is created as a form field.
  • Fix CSS that prevent to resize CKEditor dialog.
  • Ensure that link's URL are never saved with javascript:void() in it.

3.0 (2013/03/06)

  • Add strike to the list of default authorized tags,
  • Add support for different resolution on images,
  • Fix anchor in CKEditor (don't set an href tag on them),
  • Fix zeam.form widget cleanup,
  • Update Silva XML import and export support.

3.0c2 (2012/12/11)

  • Add a menu and a button to remove an anchor.
  • Only index anchor that do have a title.
  • Bug fixes on IE and Webkit for Silva integration.

3.0c1 (2012/09/24)

  • Add support to retrieve text fulltext, and purge it (set it empty).
  • Add support to sanetize HTML.
  • Add support for multiple editor configuration (one per content type), with built-in fallback.
  • Add a zeam.form widget to edit HTML with the editor.
  • Improve tests.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Update icons, default settings and CSS.

3.0b1 (2011/11/11)

  • Initial release.
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