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silva.fanstatic 1.2

Integration of fanstatic in Silva CMS

This package provides an integration of fanstatic into Silva 3.0. In order to know how to use it, please refer to the Silva developer documentation.

Custom injector

This package provides a custom fanstatic injector called rules. It can be used like this inside the Paster configuration:

injector = rules
rules =
   if there is <!-- Here goes Fanstatic top CSS -->
   replace with all css resources

   if there is <!-- Here goes Fanstatic top JS -->
   replace with all js top resources

   if there is <!-- Here goes Fanstatic bottom JS -->
   replace with all js bottom resources

   insert before </head>

The rules let you look for specific markup in the generated HTML and will insert the resources around them, if present.

Additional API

This package provides additional objects ExternalResources and Snippet in order to include external URLs as resources and inline snippets too.

Code repository

You can find the code of this extension in Git:


1.2 (2013/10/08)

  • Add a Fanstatic injector called rules that let you described precisely where resources should be injected. This requires fanstatic 1.0.
  • Add support for special resources ExternalResource and Snippet. They let you include resources that are external resources and inline snippet instead of resources served by fanstatic.

1.1.1 (2013/05/23)

  • Fanstatic libraries are created with a version equals to the version of the Python package they are declared in. This ensure to create the same URLs accross multiple servers.

1.1 (2012/09/03)

  • Automatically use *.min.ext file as a minified version for a given *.ext file if it is present.

1.0 (2011/11/08)

  • Initial release.
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