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simple-date 0.5.0

Simple dates (and times, and timezones).

A wrapper around the datetime, pytz and tzlocal packages for Python 3.2+. Full docs on github.


Just give me a UTC datetime for these dates!

>>> for date in '1/6/2013 BST', '1/6/2013 EST', 'Tue, 18 Jun 2013 12:19:09 -0400':
>>>     print(best_guess_utc(date))
2013-05-31 23:00:00+00:00
2013-01-06 05:00:00+00:00
2013-06-18 16:19:09+00:00

What time is it now, in New York?

>>> SimpleDate(tz='America/New_York')
SimpleDate('2013-06-14 13:14:17.295943 EDT', tz='America/New_York')

And what time is that in the UK (the country code is for Great Britain)?

>>> SimpleDate('2013-06-14 13:14:17.295943 EDT').convert(country='GB')
SimpleDate('2013-06-14 18:14:17.295943 BST', tz='Europe/London')

What is the UTC for this email date?

>>> SimpleDate('Fri, 14 Jun 2013 13:13:42 -0400').utc
SimpleDate('Fri, 14 Jun 2013 17:13:42 +0000', tz='UTC')

What’s the date a week from now (I live in Chile)?

>>> SimpleDate() + timedelta(days=7)
SimpleDate('2013-06-21 13:55:20.791519 CLT', tz='America/Santiago')

The day of the week for Xmas this year?

>>> SimpleDate(2013, 12, 24).weekday

And as a naive datetime?

>>> SimpleDate(2013, 12, 24).naive.datetime
datetime.datetime(2013, 12, 24, 0, 0)

What’s the time in EST for epoch 1234567890?

>>> SimpleDate(1234567890, tz='EST')
AmbiguousTimezone: 3 distinct timezones found: <'EST'>; <'Australia/NSW'>; ...

Whoa! What are those crazy Australians doing? Let’s force the USA (only):

>>> SimpleDate(1234567890, tz='EST', country='US')
SimpleDate('2009-02-13 18:31:30.000000 EST')

Alternatively, we could give priority to the USA and take the first solution we find:

>>> SimpleDate(1234567890, tz='EST', country=prefer('US'), unsafe=True)
SimpleDate('2009-02-13 18:31:30.000000 EST')

And what day is that?

>>> SimpleDate(1234567890, tz='EST', country=prefer('US'), unsafe=True).strftime('%A')


(c) 2013,2015 Andrew Cooke,; released into the public domain for any use, but with absolutely no warranty.

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