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simple-workflow 0.1.35

Amazon simple workflow service wrapper for python

Latest Version: 0.1.60

Python Simple Workflow

python-simple-workflow is a wrapper for Amazon Simple Workflow service. It aims to provide some abstractions over the webservice concepts through Boto library Swf api implementation.

It aims to provide:

  • Modelisation: Swf entities and concepts are to be manipulated through Models and QuerySets (any ressemblance with the Django api would not be a coincidence).
  • High-level Events, History: A higher level of abstractions over Swf events and history. Events are implemented as stateful objects aware of their own state and possible transitions. History enhance the events flow description, and can be compiled to check it’s integrity and the activities statuses transitions.
  • Decisions: Stateful abstractions above the Swf decision making system.
  • Actors: Swf actors base implementation such as a Decider or an activity task processor Worker from which the user can easily inherit to implement it’s own decision/processing model.

It provides querysets and model objects over commonly used concepts: domains, workflow types, activity types, and so on.

It is under MIT license, and any ideas, features requests, patches, pull requests to improve it are of course welcome.


pip install simple-workflow

Usage and all the rest

Please, refer to Documentation

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
simple-workflow-0.1.35.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2014-01-14 33KB