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simplekml 1.1.0

A Simple KML creator

Latest Version: 1.3.0

simplekml is a python package which enables you to generate KML with as little effort as possible.

At the time of making this package nothing was available (at least I could not find anything) that could create KML files easily. You needed a lot of bloated code to even create a simple point. This is understandable because the KML standard is quite extensive, but what if you just work with the simple elements of KML like Document, Folder, Point, LineString and Polygon? This package supports those elements and everything documented in the KML Reference. With simplekml creating a KML file containing a point as simple as:

import simplekml
kml = simplekml.Kml()
kml.newpoint(name="Kirstenbosch", coords=[(18.432314,-33.988862)])"botanicalgarden.kml")

See the Documentation for usage and reference or visit the Homepage for more information.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
simplekml-1.1.0.win32-py2.6.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 2.6 2012-08-09 111KB
simplekml-1.1.0.win32-py2.7.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 2.7 2012-08-09 238KB
simplekml-1.1.0.win32-py3.0.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 3.0 2012-08-09 238KB
simplekml-1.1.0.win32-py3.1.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 3.1 2012-08-09 238KB
simplekml-1.1.0.win32-py3.2.exe (md5) MS Windows installer 3.2 2012-08-09 238KB (md5) Source 2012-08-09 47KB