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simplifycommerce-sdk-python 1.1.2

Simplify Commerce Python SDK

Latest Version: 1.6.0

Python SDK for Simplify Commerce

What is it?

A python API to the Simplify Commerce payments platform. If you have
not already got an account sign up at


To install:

python install

Using the SDK

To run a payment though Simplify Commerce use the following
script substituting your public and private API keys:

import simplify
simplify.public_key = "YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY"
simplify.private_key = "YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY"
payment = simplify.Payment.create({
"card" : {
"number": "5555555555554444",
"expMonth": 11,
"expYear": 15,
"cvc": "123"
"amount" : "1000",
"description" : "prod description",
"currency" : "USD"
print payment

For more examples see


This is version 1.1.2 of the SDK. For an up-to-date
version check at


Please see LICENSE.txt for details.


API documentation is available in the doc directory in HTML. For more
detailed information on the API with examples visit the online
documentation at


Please see for information.


Copyright (c) 2013, 2014 MasterCard International Incorporated
All rights reserved.