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skater 1.1.0b1

Model Interpretation Library


Skater is a python package for interpreting(via post-hoc evaluation/rule extraction) predictive models. With Skater, you can unpack the internal mechanics of arbitrary models; as long as you can obtain inputs, and use a function to obtain outputs, you can use Skater to learn about the models internal decision policies.

The package was originally developed by Aaron Kramer, Pramit Choudhary and internal DataScience Team at to help enable practitioners explain and interpret predictive “black boxes” preferably in a human interpretable way.

📖 Documentation

Overview Introduction to the Skater library
Installing How to install the Skater library
Tutorial Steps to use Skater effectively.
API Reference The detailed reference for Skater’s API.
Contributing Guide to contributing to the Skater project.

💬 Feedback/Questions

Feature Requests/Bugs GitHub issue tracker
Usage questions Gitter chat
General discussion Gitter chat

Install Skater


Skater relies on numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, and the fork of the LIME package. Plotting functionality requires matplotlib, though it is not required to install the package. Currently we only distribute to pypi, though adding a conda distribution is on the roadmap.


When using pip, to ensure your system is not modified by an installation, it is recommended that you use a virtual environment (virtualenv, conda environment).

pip install -U Skater

#For enabling Rule based interpretation
follow the steps mentioned on the repo
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
skater-1.1.0b1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-03-15 51KB