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sklad 0.1

tiny wsgi file-uploader - multiple or single selections, progress-per-file, unlimited size

a tiny cut from gp.fileupload-1.1, doing the actual job, with fixes and extensions.
  • as HTML form, or jquery with multiple progress-per-upload;
  • as single file and multiple file selections (HTML5)
  • ok with UTF8 or cp1251 encoded non-ascii filenames
  • ok with any file-sizes - doesn’t store anything in memory
  • uses os.path.getsize() to measure actual progress. hacks cgi.FieldStorage to handle tiny files (<1000 bytes)
  • in sklad.wsgi, application(), change the head/tail for needed html (default is both form and jquery).
  • change FieldStorage.PATH to where files should be stored (relative)
  • the relevant client file is jquery.fileupload.js, to change progress-representation.
  • tweak .htaccess or in other way make sklad.wsgi accessible to apache (AddHandler wsgi-script .wsgi)
  • for logging, uncomment fdebug and may change tpath
  • hack it all as u like
notes for python version 2.5 and below:
  • standard-lib does not work - use the hacked/backported 25/ (put in same dir or fix imports in sklad.wsgi)
  • there’s no json module in standard-lib; install simple_json instead

have fun

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
sklad-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-04-19 30KB