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skosify 2.0.1

SKOS converter for RDFS/OWL/SKOS vocabularies.

Python script for converting to SKOS.

This program accepts a thesaurus-like vocabulary expressed as RDFS, OWL or SKOS as input. It produces a clean SKOS representation, which attempts to represent the input data losslessly using SKOS best practices. When given SKOS as input, it will be cleaned up, validated and enriched to follow the SKOS specification and related best practices.


As command line script:

skosify myontology.owl -o myontology-skos.rdf --label "My Ontology"

Run skosify --help for more usage information.

As Python library:

import skosify  # contains skosify, config, and infer

voc = skosify.skosify('myontology.owl', label='My Ontology')
voc.serialize(destination='myontology-skos.rdf', format='xml')

rdf = Graph()
config = skosify.config('owl2skos.cfg')
voc = skosify.skosify(rdf, **config)

skosify.infer.skos_hierarchical(rdf, narrower=True)
skosify.infer.skos_transitive(rdf, narrower=True)


The skosify function gets a list of RDF input files and/or Graphs, and named configuration settings.

Additional documentation can be found in the GitHub project wiki

Additional scripts

The scripts directory contains two additional scripts to be used together with Skosify:

  • skosify.cgi a web application to use Skosify
  • a command line client to download RDF via a SPARQL endpoint

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Author and Contributors

  • Osma Suominen
  • Jakob Voß
  • Dan Michael O. Heggø
  • Sini Pessala


  • Osma Suominen and Christian Mader: Assessing and Improving the Quality of SKOS Vocabularies. Journal on Data Semantics, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 47-73, June, 2014 (PDF)
  • Osma Suominen and Eero Hyvönen: Improving the Quality of SKOS Vocabularies with Skosify. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2012), Springer-Verlag, Galway, Ireland, October, 2012 (PDF)
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