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slack-cleaner 0.3.0

Bulk delete messages/files on Slack.

# slack-cleaner

Bulk delete messages and files on Slack.

## Install

Install from Pip:

pip install slack-cleaner

If you prefer Docker, there is a pre-built Docker image as well:

docker pull kfei/slack-cleaner

## Usage

# Delete all messages from a channel
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --channel general --user "*"

# Delete all messages from a private group
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --group hr --user "*"

# Delete all messages from a direct message channel
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --direct sherry --user johndoe

# Delete all messages from a multiparty direct message channel. Note that the
# list of usernames must contains yourself
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --mpdirect sherry,james,johndoe --user "*"

# Delete all messages from certain user
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --channel gossip --user johndoe

# Delete all messages from bots (especially flooding CI updates)
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --channel auto-build --bot

# Delete all messages older than 2015/09/19
slack-cleaner --token <token> --message --channel general --user "*" --before 20150919

# Delete all files
slack-cleaner --token <token> --file --user "*"

# Delete all files from certain user
slack-cleaner --token <token> --file --user johndoe

# Delete all snippets and images
slack-cleaner --token <token> --file --types snippets,images

# Always have a look at help message
slack-cleaner --help

## Tips

After the task, a backup file `slack-cleaner.<timestamp>.log` will be created
in current directory if `--log` is supplied.

If any API problem occurred, try `--rate=<delay-in-seconds>` to reduce the API
call rate (which by default is unlimited).

If you see the following warning from `urllib3`, consider to install missing
packages: `pip install --upgrade requests[security]` or just upgrade your
Python to 2.7.9.

InsecurePlatformWarning: A true SSLContext object is not available.
This prevents urllib3 from configuring SSL appropriately and may cause certain SSL connections to fail.
For more information, see

## Credits

**To all the people who can only afford a free plan. :cry:**  
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