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slc.rdbploneformgenadapter 0.0.2

Provides an Action Adapter for PloneFormGen to store data in an RDB

Detailed Documentation

RDB Action Adapter for PloneFormGen

The Action Adapter can be used to store form submissions of PloneFormGen forms into a relations database.


The Action Adapter users the IDatabase Utility from collective.lead to write data to the database. You must provide such an IDatabase Utility.


After you installed the Action Adapter in the Plone Control Panel, you can start adding The Action Adapter to PloneFormGen forms.

The Action Adapter Configuration Screen contains two parameters:

Insert query

The query to insert data. We do not use the SQLAlchemy mapping features, but write data directly into the database. The fields from the form are added as a dictionary to the execute statement. See pep-0249 for formatting strings. As we pass a dict, you must use positional arguments. in PEP 249 they are called paramstyle named and pyformat An Example looks like this:

insert into test_questions (replyto, topic, comments) values(%(replyto)s, %(topic)s, %(comments)s);


insert into test_questions (replyto, topic, comments) values(:replyto, :topic, :comments);
Databae utility Name
The name of the IDatabase Utility that you must configure

Change history


0.0.2 (2009-10-12)

  • Brown bag bad documentation release (gerken)

0.0.1 (2009-10-12)

  • Initial Release

Future features, mabye

  • In the RDB Action Adapter View, check for the existence of the IDatabase utility, and emit a warning if its missing
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