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slideshare 0.1dev

Slideshare API client

Lean and complete SlideShare API Implementation.


>>> import slideshare
>>> API_KEY = 'ABC' #You have to provide your own valid key here
>>> SHARED_SECRET = 'DEFG' #You have to provide your own valid secret here
>>> api = slideshare.SlideshareAPI(API_KEY,SHARED_SECRET)
>>> help(slideshare.SlideshareAPI)
>>> sl_id = '21834196'
>>> api.get_slideshow(slideshow_id=sl_id)

For more examples please refer to the tests


  • add_favorite
  • check_favorite
  • delete_slideshow
  • edit_slideshow
  • get_slideshow
  • get_slideshow_by_group (untested)
  • get_slideshows_by_tag
  • get_slideshows_by_user
  • get_user_campaign_leads (untested)
  • get_user_campaigns
  • get_user_contacts
  • get_user_favorites
  • get_user_groups (raises HTTPError: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error)
  • get_user_leads
  • get_user_tags
  • search_slideshows
  • upload_slideshow


You need to create a file which has the content

# DO NOT check these into git
API_KEY = 'your api key'
SHARED_SECRET = 'your shared secret'
USERNAME = 'your username'
PASSWORD = 'your password'

You have to fill in the values of your slideshare account. Then you can run the tests with

python test

Some tests assume a slideshow_id you have to be able to edit or delete, you will have to change these values otherwise the tests will fail.

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