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slinker 0.1

A signal one to one event

Slinker provide a single one to one event, we call it a link.

A link can only have a single sender and a single reciver.

The source code is locate at github .


Link receiver can subscribe to specific link. A reciver function required a sender argument, and a keyworld argument which is optional.

>>> from slinker import Namespace
>>> links = Namespace()
>>> started ='round-started')
>>> def each(round):
...     print "Round %s!" % round
>>> started.connect(each)
>>> for round in range(1, 4):
...     started.send(round)
Round 1!
Round 2!
Round 3!

Here provide a decorator receiver which can be used for connect. Because a link can only have one reciever. If you want to connect to another receiver, you must disconnect the formly receiver.

>>> started.disconnect(each)
>>> from slinker import receiver
>>> @receiver(started)
    def test(sender, **kwargs):
...     return sender
>>> func, result = started.send('hello')
>>> func == test
... True
>>> result == 'hello'
...  True

More examples

see the tests directory.

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