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sloth-ci 1.3.0

Simple app for automatization of everything

Package Documentation

Sloth CI is an easy-to-use, lightweight, extendable tool that executes actions you need when certain events happen.

Sloth CI was created because Jenkins is too heavy and Buildbot was too hard to learn.

Read the docs at (btw, Sloth CI builds them).


Sloth CI runs with Python 3.3+ on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Install Sloth from PyPI with pip:

$ pip install sloth-ci

It’s also a good idea to install a validator for Bitbucket or GitHub right away:

$ pip install sloth-ci.validators.bitbucket
$ pip install sloth-ci.validators.github


Create a file named sloth.yml in any directory and cd to that directory.

Here’s how your sloth.yml can look like:

host: localhost
port: 8080

daemon: true

    login: admin
    password: supersecret


Start the Sloth CI server with:

$ sloth-ci start

Create App

Create a file called myapp.yml:

listen_point: docs

work_dir: ~/projects

        owner: username
        repo: repository
            - master
            - staging

    - rm -rf repository
    - hg clone
    - hg up {branch} --cwd repository
    - pip3 install -U sphinx
    - pip3 install -r repository/docs/requirements.txt
    - sphinx-build -aE repository/docs/ {output}/{branch}

    output: /var/www/html

Create the app from the config:

$ sloth-ci create /path/to/myapp.yml
App created, listening on docs


Run sloth-ci create from the directory with the sloth.yml file.

That’s it! Your app now listens for payload from Bitbucket at http://yourdomain:8080/docs.

Create a hook on Bitbucket, and you docs will be automatically built on every push to the repo.

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