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sloth-ci 0.5.3

CI for humans

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 2.1.3

CI can be a bitch.

Jenkins is nice, but it’s Java, thus the memory consumption.

Buildbot is really hairy and weird.

Sloth CI is simple. Try it!


Sloth CI can be installed with pip:

pip install sloth-ci


Sloth CI will work only in Python 3. It could have been ported to Python 2 with minimal effort, but the priorities are on the functionality now. Python 3 is better anyway.

This will install the Python package and add the sloth-ci shell command.

The repo is at

Read the full documentation at


Use the sloth-ci command to launch Sloth CI:

sloth-ci [-h] [--sconfig SCONFIG] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--log_dir LOG_DIR] config [config ...]

positional arguments:
    config             Sloth app config(s); config per app.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help         show help message and exit
    --sconfig SCONFIG  Server config
    --host HOST        Host for the Sloth server (overrides value in sconfig)
    --port PORT        Port for the Sloth server (overrides value in sconfig)
    --log_dir LOG_DIR  Where the log files should be stored (overrides value in sconfig)

Server Config Example

host =
port = 8080
log_dir = /var/log/sloth/

Sloth App Config Example

listen_to = /sloth-listener

work_dir = /home/sloth/my_project

provider = bitbucket

repo = moigagoo/sloth-ci

echo Got a commit to {branch}
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