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smarttap 1.0.0

Public transport smart card data analysis software

SmartTAP: Smart card Transport Analysis Package

Version: 1.0 Author: John Tasker Contact: License: GNU GPL V3.0

This is the initial release of the SmartTAP package which is capable of conducting data cleaning and preparation activities on public transport smart card data. This package was developed using GoCard data provided by Translink for the South-East Queensland, Australia public transport network.

RUN PACKAGE To run the software, open using Python 3. A Tkinter GUI will appear. A directory must be specified containing the smart card data in .csv format (e.g. Aug15Pr.csv), a Routes.txt file (GTFS Routes.txt standard), a Stops.txt file (GTFS Stops.txt standard). The directory can also contain a list of commuters who will be used to filter all trip records. This file must be in .csv format.

SETTINGS To specify the database name, input this into the provided box and click ‘Set Database Name’. The provided name must end in .db. By default the database will be named ‘GoCard.db’.

Operation/processing timings are set on by default. If you do not wish to see timings click the ‘Time - ON’ button and it will change to ‘Time - OFF’. The button will also change colour from green to red. To turn timing on click the button again.

The output window (lower section of GUI) will display the outputs of operations/processing and will automatically scroll to the most recent output. If you wish to clear the output window click the ‘Clear Output’ button. This will remove all text from the window.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
smarttap-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-04-17 20KB