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smodels 1.1.1.post2

A tool for interpreting simplified-model results from the LHC

SModelS v1.1

SModelS – A tool for interpreting simplified-model results from the LHC.

SModelS is an automatic, public tool for interpreting simplified-model results from the LHC. It is based on a general procedure to decompose Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) collider signatures presenting a Z2 symmetry into Simplified Model Spectrum (SMS) topologies. Our method provides a way to cast BSM predictions for the LHC in a model independent framework, which can be directly confronted with the relevant experimental constraints. Our concrete implementation currently focusses on supersymmetry searches with missing energy, for which a large variety of SMS results from ATLAS and CMS are available.


For instructions on how to install SModelS, see INSTALLATION.rst or the section Installation of the SModelS online manual.

Running SModelS

SModelS provides a command-line tool ( for the basic functionalities, which can be executed as:

./ -p <parameter file> -f <input file or directory> -o <output directory>

For help instructions:

./ -h

An example file on how to call the SModelS libraries from your own Python code can be found in

Detailed explanations on how to use SModelS, including explanations of the output, can be found in the section Using SModelS of the SModelS online manual.

A few example input files are provided in the inputFiles folder and can be used to test


If you use this software please cite the SModelS v1.1 manual, the original SModelS publication, as well as the programs it makes use of (pythia8/pythia6, NLL-fast and pyslha). For your convenience, the relevant citations are provided in bibtex format in references.bib.

For citing the experimental analyses in the database, you can use smodels-database/database.bib.

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