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Database backed asynchronous task queue

# Django Background Tasks

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# Important This is a fork of the orignal fork in order to add the missing migrations folder so we don’t have to run makemigrations when ref this library.

# Original Documentation Django Background Task is a databased-backed work queue for Django, loosely based around [Ruby’s DelayedJob]( library. This project was adopted and adapted from [lilspikey]( django-background-task.

To avoid conflicts on PyPI we renamed it to django-background-tasks (plural). For an easy upgrade from django-background-task to django-background-tasks, the internal module structure were left untouched.

In Django Background Task, all tasks are implemented as functions (or any other callable).

There are two parts to using background tasks:

  • creating the task functions and registering them with the scheduler
  • setup a cron task (or long running process) to execute the tasks

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