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sndfileio 0.7.1

Common API for reading and writing soundfiles. * Uses installed packages if found (scikits.audiolab) * Implements reading uncompressed formats correctly in any format. * The data is independent of the encoding. All data is presented as float64 * Bitdepth is handled automatically depending on the the actual data


A simple module providing a unified API to read and write sound-files to and from numpy arrays. If no extra modules are installed, it uses only standard modules and numpy to read and write uncompressed formats (WAV, AIFF).

If other modules are installed (scikits.audiolab, for example), then they are used.

Even without third-party packages, it has certain advantages over the built-in modules wave and aifc

  • support for PCM16, PCM24, PCM32 and FLOAT32
  • unified output format, independent of encoding (always float64)
  • unified API for all backends



  • it will read ALL the samples and return a Sample (a tuplet data, samplerate)
  • Data will always be as a numpy.float64, between -1 and 1, independently of bit-rate


  • will read chunks of frames, avoiding the allocation of all the samples in memory


  • return SndInfo, a namedtuple with all the information of the sound-file


  • write the samples.
  • samples need to be a numpy.float64 array with data between -1 and 1


  • allows you to write to the file as samples become available


  • numpy
  • scikits.audiolab
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
sndfileio-0.7.1.macosx-10.6-intel.exe (md5) MS Windows installer any 2014-11-20 72KB
sndfileio-0.7.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-11-20 9KB