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snurtle 0.99.4

CLI for the OpenGroupware Collaboration/Workflow Platform

OpenGroupware Snurtle

What It Does

The OpenGroupware snurtle utility provides a command line interface (client) to work with your OpenGrouwpare Coils instance. You can create, change, update, and delete your Appointment, Contact, Document, Enterprise, Folder, Message, Process, Project, Route, Team, Task, and Resource objects. Additionally commands are provided to facilitate workflow and administration such as listing currently running workflow processes and retrieving server performance statistics.


* Check out the code with mercurial
* pip install snurtle



Adam Tauno Williams <>



*Release date: 02-November-2012*

* Improved process, route list, task, and contact templates.
* Add help string for "ps" command
* Improved output from get-performance
* Add list headers to template processor


*Release date: 01-August-2012*

* Third beta release
* Fixed "ps" template
* Setting of "hostname" is no persisted across sessions.


*Release date: 31-July-2012*

* Second beta release.
* Targets OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.47rc20
* Setup is now performed by setting "hostname" in the snurtle shell rather than "uri". So just enter something like "". A "secure" shell settable is also now supported; if the value of "secure" evaluates to True than an HTTPS URI is generated for communication, otherwise an HTTP URI use used.


*Release date: 30-July-2012*

* Preliminary beta release.
* Targets OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.47rc19  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
snurtle-0.99.4-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2012-11-02 117KB