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socle 0.7

This is a simple yet modular SoC configuration utility, very much like raspi-config and others alike. This one is written in Python and it aims to be extendable. The name has no other meaning than it’s a real word and it starts with SoC ;)


Preliminary support for following has been implemented:

  • Configure hostname
  • Configure timezone
  • Configure wired/wireless network interfaces on Debian
  • Switch off bells and whistles if it is used via UART


Following boards will be supported:

  • Banana
  • Cubieboard2
  • Cubietruck
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ZYBO
  • Radxa

Short term goals

  • Support u-boot configuration parsing, modifying
  • Support /etc/modules parsing and modifying
  • Support configuring of remote management clients like Puppet and Salt minion
  • Support configuring VPN clients like OpenVPN and StrongSwan

Long term goals

  • Support Debian adoption on SoC-s
  • Support for generating root filesystem images using debootstrap/febootstrap/arch-bootstrap etc
  • Support for managing PL bitstream files


Lauri Võsandi is embedded systems student currently pursuing his master degree at KTH. I am usually present at #linux-sunxi and #linux-rockchip channels on Freenode IRC as lauri, that’s also my registered nick there ;)

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socle-0.7.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-11-11 12KB