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solidspy 1.0.0

A simple Finite Element program

Latest Version: 1.0.11

# SolidsPy: 2D-Finite Element Analysis with Python

![Wrench under bending.](./docs/img/wrench.png)

This _repo_ contains a simple finite element analysis code for 2D elasticity
problems. The code uses as input data simple-to-create text files containing
nodal, element, material and load data.

The _repo_ contains 3 main folders:

1. `main/` stores the python scripts divided in

- `` (the main program),
- `` (model input subroutines),
- `` (assembly subroutines),
- `` (general finite element method subroutines),
- `` (local matrix subroutines for different elements), and
- `` (results handling subroutines);

2. `meshes/` contains input files and meshes in `.msh` format corresponding to
different examples.

3. `template/` contains a simple [Gmsh]( mesh and a python script to generate the model
ready for solids_ISO.
## Authors
- [Juan David Gómez Cataño](
Professor at Universidad EAFIT.
- [Nicolás Guarín-Zapata]( PhD Student at
Purdue University.

## Instructions
The code is written in Python and it depends on `numpy`, `scipy` and `sympy`.
To use it clone the repo with

git clone

uncompress the zip folder an run the main file in the Python console of your

If you want to run the examples with GUI input you will need to install
[`easygui`]( And, you will
need [`meshio`]( to automatically read
[Gmsh]( mesh files. These two can be installed with

pip install easygui
pip install meshio

## Run a simple model
After downloading run an analysis in 3 easy steps (see [template](./docs/template/
- Create the mesh using [Gmsh](
- Generate the model files (eles.txt, nodes.txt, mater.txt and loads.txt) using
a python script with the aid of [`meshio`](
- Run

## License
This project is licensed under the
[MIT license]( The documents are
licensed under
[Creative Commons Attribution License](

Since this project is used to teach Finite Element Methods and Computational
Mechanics, we have included some examples and documents and code snippets
developed by students. Their license is specified in each particular directory.

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