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solve360 0.9.1

Solve360 API Python wrapper

Latest Version: 0.9.2

Python wrapper for Norada CRM Solve360 API.


$ pip install solve360


The API methods and parameters are the same for all record types, i.e. Contacts, Companies and Project Blogs. Simply use the appropriate segment name for the record type. For example, if creating a:

  • Contact - Use crm.create_contact()
  • Company - Use crm.create_company()
  • Projectblog - Use crm.create_projectblog()

Initiate solve360 object

>>> from solve360 import Solve360
>>> crm = Solve360(your_email, your_token)

List contacts

>>> crm.list_contacts()
{u'status': 'success',
 u'count': 2,
 u'12345': {...},
 u'12346': {...}}


Get contacts - paginated

The solve360 API have a fixed upper limit on objects each list request will return, currently set to 5000. To fetch more objects in a single request this wrapper offers a parameter pages. The request will continue to fetch objects until either all objects are returned or the number of given pages have been reached.

>>> contacts = crm.list_contacts(limit=solve360.LIST_MAX_LIMIT, pages=2)
>>> contacts
{u'status': 'success',
 u'count': 12000,
 u'12345': {...},
 u'12346': {...},
>>> len(contacts)
10002  # Keys 'status' and 'count' plus 10000 contacts

Parameter pages must be a positive number. There is currently no parameter that fetches all objects available disregard how many there is totally. Just set pages to a number high enough to include the number of objects required.

Show contact

>>> crm.show_contact(12345)
{u'status': 'success',
 u'id': 12345,
 u'fields': {...},


Create contact

>>> crm.create_contact({'firstname': 'test', 'lastname': 'creation'})
{'status': 'success',
 'item': {'id': 12347, ...},


Update contact

>>> crm.update_contact(12345, {'firstname': 'updated', 'lastname': 'name'})
{'status': 'success',
 'item': {'id': 12345, ...},


Destroy contact

>>> crm.destroy_contact(12345)
{'status': 'success'}


Show report activities

>>> crm.show_report_activities('2014-03-05', '2014-03-11')
{u'status': 'success',
 u'66326826': {u'comments': [],
        u'created': u'2014-03-05T08:48:07+00:00',
        u'fields': {u'assignedto': u'88842777',
        u'assignedto_cn': u'John Doe',
        u'completed': u'0',
        u'duedate': u'2014-03-07T00:00:00+00:00',
        u'priority': u'0',
        u'remindtime': u'0',


Error handling

Successful requests with response.status_code == 2XX will parse the json response body and only return the response data in python data format.

Invalid requests with response.status_code == 4XX or 5XX will raise an requests.HTTPException using requests raise_for_status() returning the complete stacktrace including server error message if available.


$ pip install pytest httpretty
$ py.test solve360/



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